Monday, April 25, 2011

Vai Vai Dinning

Our meal manager arranges breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Our cook (whom we call Khala) prepares our regular meal. our meal arrangement is very nice but we feel that we need a nice name for our dinning. So one day we meet together to select a name for our dinning. Everyone offers a new name for dinning.  We get four cool names for our dinning- Vai vai dinning, Fresh dinning, Comfortable dinning, Favorite dinning. All are fine tunes. But we can’t individually choose the best one. So a voting system is arranged. Everyone has right to put down one vote among the four dinning names. And after a hard contest vai vai dinning gets highest votes and become selected our dinning name. The meaning of vai vai is the relationship among brothers. In our society we denotes stranger as brother. As in this mess, we come from different places and none knows another. So first time when we introduce with each other we called him, "Hello Brother (vai)". We celebrate our name and I am appointed to design banner for our new dinning name. Just simply I design our dinning banner.  That exclusive banner is given in the below-    


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