Sunday, March 27, 2011


I make a decision to shift my living place. I along with my college friend am looking for to-let near my office. My friend is a CA (Charted Accountant) student. His CA institution and my office are located in same place. So it’s better if we are able to manage a room to live together. But the true fact is that getting a living room as bachelor certificate is tough as same as winning a lottery ticket. Every week we are looking for to-let. Every week lots of new advertisements have published.  All advertisement for to-let is very lucrative. South faced room in quiet place, accessible light and fresh air, tiles bathroom, for all time electricity facility and so on. But… when we check the accommodation facility, we experience totally reverse condition. Almost nothing is found according to advertisement. Last two months I along with my friend was looking for a favorable place. But we can’t find any room close to our preference. If luckily we get a room close to our preference, the monthly house rent beyond our boundary or monthly house rent is within our budget, the accommodation facility is not favorable.


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