Monday, April 4, 2011

My Mess Room

We are now on the top floor of the building. Every day we up down 6th floor stairs. This is two rooms’ flat having one bathroom, one veranda, one kitchen room. Luckily we get south faced room with attached veranda. The room is not dark enough what I experienced in other mess room. No natural light can enter the room. Our room has a south faced window, so we get enough natural light. In rainy day, we enjoy the beauty of rain standing on veranda. Obviously the room is better enough compared with any other mess room but the room size is too much conserve. The room size is 10 by 6 feet. There has no glass in window; the electricity line is not well fitted. In summer season, water supply is limited. Load shedding is common problem.  Whatever, I am happy cause I get managed a shelter and that is better than any other.


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