Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Mess Life First Day

My friend is out of city so I have to shift the new mess room alone. My mess life begins along with my cousin whom I requested to reside with me for few days in my new living place till my friend come back. I am in new mess life so I have no experience about my new journey. My cousin really helps me. He teaches me how to settle with mess life, how to introduce with mess member, how to make a friendly relationship with mess member, which objects are essential for conduct with mess journey and so on.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Rainy Day

It was raining cats and dogs. I met with my friend for searching to-let. The next day my friend would go to outside of city for audit job. So this holiday was the only day for searching to-let. My friend made phone call according to the given phone number in the to-let advertisement board but got no satisfactory result. My friend became totally disappointed. I requested him make the last phone call a particular phone number. The advertisement is not attractive so he hesitated but I insisted. He made phone call the given number and got acknowledged about the room location. We found the flat on 6th floor; this is two rooms flat with tiles, one bathroom, kitchen and veranda. The room is just near our preference and room rent is within our budget, so we took the decision within just one minute the decision is final. We confirm the room lord with advanced payment. From the next month we will get the room. Oh, we just relaxed, got a room in the capital city.  We are happiest one in the city. The rainy day was the successful day in this year.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I make a decision to shift my living place. I along with my college friend am looking for to-let near my office. My friend is a CA (Charted Accountant) student. His CA institution and my office are located in same place. So it’s better if we are able to manage a room to live together. But the true fact is that getting a living room as bachelor certificate is tough as same as winning a lottery ticket. Every week we are looking for to-let. Every week lots of new advertisements have published.  All advertisement for to-let is very lucrative. South faced room in quiet place, accessible light and fresh air, tiles bathroom, for all time electricity facility and so on. But… when we check the accommodation facility, we experience totally reverse condition. Almost nothing is found according to advertisement. Last two months I along with my friend was looking for a favorable place. But we can’t find any room close to our preference. If luckily we get a room close to our preference, the monthly house rent beyond our boundary or monthly house rent is within our budget, the accommodation facility is not favorable.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Step in Capital City

On a sunny day I reach in capital city bag and baggage. I am preliminary living in my cousin house. The distance from my office to my cousin house is about 15 kilometers but every day I have to travel about more than 2 hours to reach my office because of traffic jam.  How funny, every day I have to waste more than four hours for travelling. If I continue this job, every day I have to travel, I have left no time available and cannot continue my education. I do not want to discontinue my education or leave go of my job. So what do I do?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Welcome to New Journey

When I finished my graduation, I have shifted in capital city to build up better career. For the first time I am living in out of my sweet home. For the first time I have to experience with outside world.  I am admitted in professional course CMA (Cost and Management Account) in ICMAB (The Institute of Cost and Accounting Management Bangladesh) and simultaneously get a job. The job ensures my livelihood and gives support to bear my education expense.

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