Friday, April 15, 2011

Mess rule

No rules are the rule of mess. Mess dwellers are always out of any boundary. Especially in our country mess dwellers are getting the flexible rule for the first time in their mess life. None is here for keep an eye on mess dwellers life style. No hard rules exists when you take your bath, when you take your meal, when you go to bed, when you seat for prepare lesson. Mess life main thing is to make relationship with all mess members. Mess members all are not in same mentality. Everyone’s thinking, mode of living is different. So a new mess member’s first challenge is to adjust with mess members. However, there has a common rule for all mess members. Everyone should be sharing caring mind. Everyone give place for another.

If I just share my mess experience we are all in out mess sharing caring mind. In our mess there has a single veranda so we have to share the corridor with all, there has a single bathroom so we have to consider the matter and there has a single kitchen so we arrange meal jointly. In every month one meal manager is selected, he is responsible for meal arrangement. He collects money from all mess members for regular shopping. The meal manager distributes the shopping duty among all members. He decides menu items, maintains expenditure sheet and at the end of the month he declares the total meal balance and declares who next meal manager is.


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