Monday, April 25, 2011

Vai Vai Dinning

Our meal manager arranges breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Our cook (whom we call Khala) prepares our regular meal. our meal arrangement is very nice but we feel that we need a nice name for our dinning. So one day we meet together to select a name for our dinning. Everyone offers a new name for dinning.  We get four cool names for our dinning- Vai vai dinning, Fresh dinning, Comfortable dinning, Favorite dinning. All are fine tunes. But we can’t individually choose the best one. So a voting system is arranged. Everyone has right to put down one vote among the four dinning names. And after a hard contest vai vai dinning gets highest votes and become selected our dinning name. The meaning of vai vai is the relationship among brothers. In our society we denotes stranger as brother. As in this mess, we come from different places and none knows another. So first time when we introduce with each other we called him, "Hello Brother (vai)". We celebrate our name and I am appointed to design banner for our new dinning name. Just simply I design our dinning banner.  That exclusive banner is given in the below-    

Sunday, April 24, 2011

When Is Easter Sunday in 2012?

Easter Sunday is the first Sunday approximately after the first full moon on or after the March equinox. Many churches hold special services on Easter Sunday, which celebrate the Jesus Christ's resurrection after his crucifixion. In Easter Sunday many Christians celebrates the day decorating eggs or sharing chocolate eggs among friends and family. In this year (2011), today (April, 24 2011) is denoted Easter Sunday. The Easter Sunday date varies because it is determined using a calculated lunar calendar. In 2012 April,08 will be Easter Sunday and in 2013 Easter Sunday will be celebrate in march 31.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mess rule

No rules are the rule of mess. Mess dwellers are always out of any boundary. Especially in our country mess dwellers are getting the flexible rule for the first time in their mess life. None is here for keep an eye on mess dwellers life style. No hard rules exists when you take your bath, when you take your meal, when you go to bed, when you seat for prepare lesson. Mess life main thing is to make relationship with all mess members. Mess members all are not in same mentality. Everyone’s thinking, mode of living is different. So a new mess member’s first challenge is to adjust with mess members. However, there has a common rule for all mess members. Everyone should be sharing caring mind. Everyone give place for another.

If I just share my mess experience we are all in out mess sharing caring mind. In our mess there has a single veranda so we have to share the corridor with all, there has a single bathroom so we have to consider the matter and there has a single kitchen so we arrange meal jointly. In every month one meal manager is selected, he is responsible for meal arrangement. He collects money from all mess members for regular shopping. The meal manager distributes the shopping duty among all members. He decides menu items, maintains expenditure sheet and at the end of the month he declares the total meal balance and declares who next meal manager is.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Introduce with my room mate

We are five members living in this mess. My friend is a CA (Chartered Accountant) student. He is always busy in audit job and every evening he attends CA class, then when he returns home, he becomes too tired. He is very serious about his career and don’t waste time. He always tries to utilize time for building up career. The other three ones are students also. They are studying in a private university. Among them, two are seniors than the last one. The three boys are passing careless time. Have no tension about their career. They are passing the full day in front of television, enjoying sports, reality shows and so on. Life means for them no tension, do furti (enjoy). Sometimes I am jealous for them. Really they are passing a tension free pleasant  life.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Introduce with Our Neighbour

In a floor there have six flats. Just beside our flat, inhabitants are young girls. When we are known that just beside our mess woman mess exist. My friend and I feel thrilled thinking teenage girls and we live on the same floor. Every night teenage girls sing songs. The singer voice is too harsh; so what at least we enjoy nonprofessional singer live concert every night! That’s enough for amusing. Our beside building’s sixth floor mess’ inhabitants are college going boys. They really love the harsh tongue. When concert begins in night, they encourage the singer putting comment about the song. Concert goes on until midnight. First few days, we really enjoy the non-professionals voice. But day be day it becomes burden.  My friend and I think alternative solution.

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Mess Room

We are now on the top floor of the building. Every day we up down 6th floor stairs. This is two rooms’ flat having one bathroom, one veranda, one kitchen room. Luckily we get south faced room with attached veranda. The room is not dark enough what I experienced in other mess room. No natural light can enter the room. Our room has a south faced window, so we get enough natural light. In rainy day, we enjoy the beauty of rain standing on veranda. Obviously the room is better enough compared with any other mess room but the room size is too much conserve. The room size is 10 by 6 feet. There has no glass in window; the electricity line is not well fitted. In summer season, water supply is limited. Load shedding is common problem.  Whatever, I am happy cause I get managed a shelter and that is better than any other.

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